SOS – Remote Help – CCTV System

Set up your CCTV System for web access

What we can offer to you is completely remote service setting up your CCTV system
to allow remote viewing which is available in most CCTV systems.

Our remote appointment with IT technician can be booked 7 days a week between 9 am and 9 pm.

Please use this link in our shop to arrange this service:

Hikvision Live Viewing Remote Setup

or for other IT related issues:

1 Hour session with our IT Engineer

After an appointment is booked please proceed as follows:

Open link below using your device ( Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone) and follow instructions.

Provide 9-digit session code to our engineer.

Now we will be able to take over your device and assist you with your issue.



Common problems
Dynamic IP

If your internet service provider does not include static IP address, you might have to update
your settings regularly to keep service online. We can prepare for you static IP address
based on our servers which will automatically update your settings every 5 minutes.

We offer 2 subscription plans:
6 months of our dynamic IP update service for 24.99 or one off 39.99 payment for a full year.

6 months Dynamic IP update service

12 months Dynamic IP update service