Water Leak Sensor WL-WE





Get advanced warning of water leaks in your property and minimize damage that may result from burst pipes or flows.

As part of the Enforcer variety of products the WL-WE water flow detector has the same installation attributes and wireless protocol as the rest of the variety, making this the perfect choice for retro fitting into your property as there are no wires to run into the walls.

The wireless technology holds an important advantage over One-Way and some Twoway wireless products available in the marketplace.

One-Push-To-Learn Button

The Enforcer Two Way wireless protocol enables simple learning of all its peripherals. With just a push of a button you can add any of the detectors or sensors to the Enforcer 32- Enforcer HomeControl Pannel or WE.

Signal Strenght Index (SSI) on the Device

One of the crucial advantages of SSI technology, is it enables the installer to view the wireless transmission signal strength on the control panel and wireless devices in real-time.

The Twoway wireless protocol was created by Pyronix to ensure the communications between all wireless system parts are shielded with a very high security level.


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