Smoke Sensor Smoke-WE





A smoke detector is an important part of everyone ’s, home protecting you against the danger of fire. With the SMOKE-WE you can sleep knowing that your home is protected.

Completely supervised for low battery

When the battery is running low the SMOKE-we’ll start to chirp once in 32 seconds. In addition, it sends a signal to your control panel reporting the status. You may receive a caution on your own program in case you are employing the HomeControl Security System and you can set up notifications to come through on tablet computer or your smartphone.

Manual testing

There is a manual test button which will check battery status and alarm functioning ensuring that the device is functioning correctly.

Built-in 85dB local sounder and flashing red LED light will signal prescence of smoke

Tamper Protection

The rear tamper protection will activate warning you that the apparatus isn’t fitted correctly in case the front of the device hasn’t been put back on after a battery change.

The wireless technology used on the Enforcer system holds a significant advantage over one way and some two way wireless products currently available in the marketplace.


The Enforcer Two-Way Radio proticol enables simple learning of all its peripherals, together with the push of a button you can add any one of the sensors or sensor to the Enforcer 32- WE or HomeControl Pannel.

Signal Strength Indicator on the Device

One of the crucial advantages of implementing of the SSI technology would be to enable the installer to see the wireless transmission signal strength on both the control panel and wireless devices in real time.

Pyronix High Security Wireless Protocol Encryption

The Two-Way wireless protocol was developed by Pyronix to make sure that the communication between all system parts that were wireless is protected on a rather high security level.


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