Shock Detector MC1/SHOCK-WE


Door Contact supporting Wired Input with Dedicated Inertia Shock Detection as Separate Signal in White




Shock Detector MC1/SHOCK-WE

is made specifically to be put in positions where it is necessary for magnetic contact and a shock sensor to be present, like on windows and doors; two detectors in one!

Shock Detector MC1/SHOCK-WE can both be learned individually to the panel enabling individual jolt and magnetic contact transmissions of alarm signals to be sent to the panel. If for some reason either the jolt or the magnetic contact is not needed, they are able to even be learned individually.

Signal Strength Index (SSI)

One of the crucial advantages of executing of the SSI technology will be to permit the installer to see the wireless transmission signal strength on both the control panel and wireless devices in real time.

Each wireless apparatus on the Enforcer system, including movement sensors is a receiver and also a transmitter. The wireless technology holds a significant advantage over some two way wireless products and one way currently available on the market.

ABS plastics



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