PIR Sensor – KX10DP-WE-Pyronix





With two way wireless technology this pet tolerant sensor is the ideal choice when you have dogs or cats but nevertheless want the additional peice of mind your house is protected. Utilizing the KX intelligent detector technology the KX10DP-WE can identify the diference between an intruder and your prized pet.

Being wireless there’s also minimal disruption when you’ve got your system fitted.

Signal Strength Index (SSI)

One of the essential advantages of executing of the SSI technology is to permit the installer to view the wireless transmission signal strength on both the control panel and wireless devices in real time.

This technology further improves the sensor’s immunity to infrared noise in the surroundings. BWT comprises of 2 key components:

The new 3D optics system enables perfect focussing of the infra red signal onto the pyroelectric sensor. This permits the negative and positive signal edges to be definitely identified by BWT.
Strong applications embedded into a microprocessor is used to process the received advice from the pyro-electric sensor. The end result of this blend is lower infra red signal noise amplification and thus better resistance.

10m Pet Immune sensor

The sensors intelligent PI (Pet Immune) technology analyses the difference between an intruder and also a pet signal, with immunity up to 20kg and 10m coverage range.

Digital Temperature Compensation

Sealed optics

Protects from possible infestation from insects, safeguards atmosphere movement in front of the pyroelectric sensor and protects against undesirable reflections from inside the detector housing.

ABS plastics

3mm polished finish, reduces electrostatic interference on the PIR sensor.

pet-10m-horizontal pet-10m-vertical


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