KF4-WE two-way wireless keyfob





The KF4-WE key fob allows you to set and unset your alarm
but may also be used as a panic button, gives a visual representation of the security
system status, and controls wired automation.

Panic button or an emergency signal may be programed to sounds the alarm if help is wanted,
and in the event that you have a tracking contract by means of your security system,
it’ll notify them that you are in need of help.

Multiple KF4-WE wireless keyfobs could be added to a system and easily removed
if they have been lost or are not any longer demanded.

There’s also the choice to get different functions per keyfob
so you do not have to give accessibility to the whole property making they ideal
if you want to give someone access to specific areas regions of the property whilst
confining others. For example in the event that you’d like your gardener to gain access
to the garage but not the remainder of the house you can place it so he can only
unset the alarm from that region.

4 Button 8 Function Keyfob with Enforcer Two Way Wireless Technology.
The 4 buttons combining 2 butons and could be configured for single buttons.

Actions can be set to show personal attack, set place, unset place, latch output signal, timed output and status.


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