Enforcer HomeControl+

The completely new Enforcer HomeControl system provides the security benefits of the multi-award winning two way wireless Enforcer technology, also as access and control of your house from anywhere on the planet via your smart device.

With the release of the new 2.1 applications you now get even more attributes.

Enforcer CSL DigiAir Pyronix (available through CSL)

With V2.1, there’s now the ability to add CSL ARC communication, which would allow for third party answer capability to supply direct action of any disturbances.

This attribute would be especially advantageous should a disturbance when they’re not in a view to receive a notification or take any action themselves is incurred by a user.

Enforcer Wireless Arming Station compatibility

Convenience and delivers maximum usability for both the installer and end user alike, the wireless keypad is both readily installed and also a practical choice for an added keypad in your property.

Up to 64 wireless zones with the EURO ZEM32-WE

Now you can add up to 64 wireless peripherals your system by adding a EURO ZEM32-WE. This makes the whole system more flexible and able for larger setups.

New communication options with the DIGI-WIFI

The Pyronix HomeControl App is available in two variants: On Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store.

No on site IT configuration

The Enforcer HomeControl App is connected through a cloud sever with 3 way verification, so there is no need.

Highly secure Enforcer connection

PyronixCloud communications and the HomeControl Program are completely encrypted to the highest standard and no sensitive user data is saved on the PyronixCloud.

Areas that are independent

The introduction of independent regions empowers easier control of garages, outbuildings and sheds, enabling end users to unset regions of the system in isolation, without needing to unset the system as a whole.

This kit contains:


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