Carbon Monoxide Sensor CO-WE





Carbon Monoxide is a very harmful and highly dangerous colourless and odourless gas, so it’s vital to truly have a working CO detector in your property.

The Enforcer CO-WE carbon monoxide (CO) detector,
warns you of any build up in CO levels in your house or company.

If used with the Enforcer HomeControl Panel you can also get a push notification to warn you
in case the detector is activated while you are not home.

Enforcer two-way wireless technology gives you a dependable and highly safe apparatus,
in order to sleep easily knowing that you will be warned if any build up occurs.

Being wireless, sensors and the Enforcer detectors are fitted with minimal fuss or mess,
which lets you get a completely installed security system with no need to redecorate or
remove carpets during the installation.

The wireless technology used on the Enforcer system holds an important edge over one way
and some two way wireless products to be found in the marketplace.

One Shove To Learn Button

The Enforcer two-way wireless protocol enables easy learning of all its peripherals
– with the push of a button you can add any of the detectors or sensors to the Enforcer 32
– Enforcer HomeControl Pannel or WE

Signal Strenght Index (SSI) on the Apparatus

Among the crucial advantages of SSI technology,  is it allows the installer to see the wireless transmission signal strength on both wireless devices and the control panel in real-time.

Pyronix High Security Wireless Protocol Encryption

The two way wireless protocol was developed by Pyronix to ensure the communications between all wireless system parts are shielded with a very high security level. The protocol uses the 128 bit Pyronix innovative encryption.


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