TVI -Analog- Cameras

Analog Camera TVi – is the most common CCTV technology used in the UK.

Analog Camera Invented in mid-2000’s reached millions of people worldwide.
Therefore systems installed many years ago do not meet current security standards.

A signal from the camera is sent via voltage and can be easily interfered by electrical cables. Special care is always advised during installation. Separate from recorder power supply has to be maintained in addition.

RG59 – Coaxial cable is used.

Many equipment manufacturers nowadays introduced TurboHD technology that lets us upgrade old CCTV Analog Camera installation to new type FULL HD system monitored over the internet.

Therefore main benefit of having TurboHD system installed is definitely its price.
We strongly believe that is the best value for money in domestic installations.

DC Solutions have huge experience in this type of installations/upgrades and we are more than happy to share this knowledge with you!

So, do you have old CCTV system or need a new? Don’t wait and contact our representative!

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