IP Cameras

IP Cameras are more advanced from old type Analog systems.

Instead of transmitting a video signal as voltage. IP camera sends the signal in digital form using features of TCP/IP protocol.
The camera is connected to NVR ( Network Recorder ) through regular internet cable.
Most of nowadays IP cameras is POE ( Powered over Ethernet ).
This means you don’t have to install any additional power supplies as power is delivered directly from the recorder.

Direct access over ethernet to each camera provides more configuration options and it’s more suitable for installations that require more advanced solutions.

An additional benefit of having IP system is its encryption, signal camera->recorder is encrypted in one of the following authentication methods: WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES.

The biggest concern when buying IP camera is the price.

Therefore a good quality IP Camera prices vary between £90-£140, where an analog camera can be found anywhere between £35 to £70 each.

Its good practice if budget allows us to always pick IP cameras over Analog 

In Addition, your CCTV System would be definitely more future proof and secure.

Concluding, Network Recorder can be based miles away from cameras and still be fully recording. Full Cloud Recording support shall be always available for IP Cameras. Unfortunately, analog systems do not support this feature.


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