home intrusion

That’s one of most common question any security company has to answer!

home intrusion

Recent statistics shows us that home burglary is an act that happens more often recently.
Nobody ever expect burglary to happen but it has to be taken into consideration!
90% intrusions occurs when home owner is away. If your premises have no security system like intruder alarm or cctv cameras it becomes very easy target.
That is what burglars are waiting for. We wont give them this satisfaction, aren’t we?

How to not get burgled?
– Simple solution to protect your home is installing a security system.

Intruder Alarm with loud siren can be triggered by many devices :
motion detectors(PIR), door contacts, shattered glass sensors or Panic Button.

how to not get burgled

Think of moments when you or your family is been home alone or have to open door to a stranger.
Wireless Smart Key Fob with Panic Button function is great backup solution to have peace of mind.
Pressing a button activates siren, alarm goes off instantly, deterring potential intruders,
meanwhile communication module instantly notify your family or emergency services.
In addition to any attempt of removal security devices(tampered) would trigger alarm too.

Everyone should take their own safety seriously, especially these days when its getting worse day by day.
People very often decide to install security system after something bad happens,
after they understood what a nightmare is going trough dangerous situations that could be easily prevented.

Additionally each alarm system should be connected to land line or directly to internet to notify programmed phone numbers in case of intrusion.

Professionally installed Intruder Alarm will benefit you in more ways.


Wifi or LAN module connected to your router you can check if you have armed your alarm,
check status of each sensor, browse log to see who and what time was going in and out!

That is best way to check if your kids get back from school without making a single phone call!
You can also check time when cleaning services or gardener left your house.

Good quality alarm should have feature that allow you to connect Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide (CO) or water leak detector.

Pyronix Enforcer HomeControl+ Wireless Intruder Alarm

Pyronix Enforcer HomeControl+ Wireless Intruder Alarm

Professional security systems can save you a lot of money and trouble.

Its an investment in safety and protection of all assets that you have gathered working hard all your life!

Therefore DC Solutions have wide range of Wireless & Wired security systems available to install on your premises in short time notice.
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Although for people who would like to actually see live anything that happens, we would
suggest installing Full HD CCTV System with motion detection and remote viewing over internet using smartphone. System like that puts you in full control of anything that happens on your premises.

To check how CCTV system can benefit you please check our other articles!

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